Fang Fang
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Bio: Chinese composer Fang Fang (B.1984) is one of the young generation of Chinese artists impressively bridging the divide between Chinese folk music and western classical music. Her compositions include vocal, choral, chamber, piano and orchestral works. Her areas of specialty include Mongolian and Tibetan music, as well as the music of Zhuang, Dong and Miao tribes. For her efforts in integrating Chinese folk and philosophical elements into her compositions, she has also gained several national and international awards including third prize: Shan Chuan Cup of the Chengdu International Modern Music Composition Competition (2004), the prestigious Chinese national “Golden Bell Award of Chinese National Music” (2011) and the Winner of “John Mayer Prize” (2014). Her compositions have been workshopped and premiered by many outstanding ensembles and choirs, such as Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, Decibel, Krock Electric Guitar Quartet, the Le Page String Quartet and Via Nova Choir.

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