Harvesting Dance-Concerto for Brass Ensemble

Posted: March 13, 2015 in Performances

《Harvesting Dance-Concerto for Brass Ensemble》 represents the traditional image of Chinese farmers deeply indulging in excitement and joy during the harvesting season. They express their exhilaration through dancing, singing and chanting while harvesting.

All instruments of the orchestra and the brass ensemble have been divided into several sub-groups, with each sub-group being aligned a separate and diverse musical character.  A variety of Chinese folksong material is used, sometimes disguised and sometimes in an unaltered form.  These musical themes, derived from fragments of folksongs, originate from my homeland Sichuan Province of China.  《Harvesting Dance-Concerto for Brass Ensemble》 was premiered by Birmingham Conservatoire Repertoire Orchestra and conducted by Daniele Rosina on 19th Dec, 2014 at Birmingham Conservatoire Adrian Boult Hall, UK.


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