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Dreams was not only written as a reproduction of the performing tradition of Chinese folk musician, but also an imitation of the timbre from Chinese traditional bamboo flute. The purpose of using the poem is to vary the timbre, breathing and texture of the instrument.

This work has been selected and performed on ISCM World Music Days Tallinn 2019 by the flutist Monika Mattiesen in April 2019.

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《Harvesting Dance-Concerto for Brass Ensemble》 represents the traditional image of Chinese farmers deeply indulging in excitement and joy during the harvesting season. They express their exhilaration through dancing, singing and chanting while harvesting.

All instruments of the orchestra and the brass ensemble have been divided into several sub-groups, with each sub-group being aligned a separate and diverse musical character.  A variety of Chinese folksong material is used, sometimes disguised and sometimes in an unaltered form.  These musical themes, derived from fragments of folksongs, originate from my homeland Sichuan Province of China.  《Harvesting Dance-Concerto for Brass Ensemble》 was premiered by Birmingham Conservatoire Repertoire Orchestra and conducted by Daniele Rosina on 19th Dec, 2014 at Birmingham Conservatoire Adrian Boult Hall, UK.


《Capriccio of Grassland (for 12 Cellos)》 was written based on the combination of several Chinese folksongs originated from Mongolia and Xinjiang areas.

12 Cellos has been divided to three individual string quartets, which specifically means: the cellos of each quartet are treated as Violin I, Violin II, Viola and Cello since the registers arranged as high, medium-high, alto and low; and each of quartets carries different musical characters, which are respectively folk dancing, long song singing and a group of switch-like functioned harmonics.

Moreover, the timbre of cello has largely used to imitate the timbre of a traditional Mongolian instrument Horse Head Fiddle.

《Capriccio of Grassland (for 12 Cellos)》 has been premiered by Birmingham Conservatoire Cello Ensemble on 15th Dec, 2014 at Birmingham Conservatoire Recital Hall, UK.


It was very challenging and delightful to work with Birmingham Conservatoire Recorder Department.  This piece describes seven individual voices that we may hear in dusk.  And I explored to imitate the timbre of our traditional Chinese instrument bamboo flutes by recorders, since there are many similarities shared by them.

《Dusk for Recorder Ensemble》was premiered by Birmingham Conservatoire Recorder Department on 12th Mar, 2015 at Birmingham Conservatoire Recital Hall, UK.

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